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What is Garcinia Cambogia Extract? And is Dr. Oz right about it’s Weight Loss Capabilities as a Fat Buster?

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Weight loss fads come and go, but one name we trust is Dr. Oz. Time and time again, Dr. Oz presents the world with new and exciting products that are readily available and provide excellent results for losing belly fat. Last year, Dr. Oz introduced his loyal fans to Garcinia Cambogia Fruit and its extract, which can be used for weight loss. Is this a Dr. Oz miracle in a bottle? Does garcinia combogia work? Are there side effects? Can you get a free trial?

Garcinia Cambogia – It’s a Fruit, Right?

First of all, it’s important to know that garcinia cambogia is a fruit that grows primarily in south-east Asia. For centuries it has been used in cooking, as it gives a bitter flavor to foods. It is especially popular as a flavoring for soups and other savory dishes – not what you’d expect from a fruit. Most people who cook with Garcinia Cambogia use just a small amount for large dishes. There don’t seem to be any negative side effects when the fruit is used in this way, but it’s also not exactly intended as a weight loss fat blocker when cooked into soups and other dishes.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplements

If you want to try out garcinia cambogia extract as a way to lose belly fat, you’ll want to purchase supplements from a trusted source. You may even find that you can get a free trial from some providers, and many people will look for those free samples in order to see just how well it works. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll find a free trial that gives you enough to see dramatic results, otherwise the companies wouldn’t make any money. What they want is for you to get a taste and then come back for more. But that’s probably worth ordering a free trial of garcinia cambogia, especially if Dr. Oz is hailing it as a miracle in a bottle as a fat blocker and weight loss diet supplement.

There are many, many places to buy garcinia cambogia online. So how do you know which source is the best? Dr. Oz has some recommendations, but you’ll find that there are a plenty of sources that will offer garcinia cambogia extract for weight loss at reasonable prices. Make sure to read some reviews about the websites you’re using, just to be sure that others have had good experiences when ordering their supplements with that provider.

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Losing Weight With Supplements – How Does it Work?

Most people who try supplements like garcinia cambogia are hoping for a weight loss miracle. They are in search of the best weight loss diet, and usually they are also looking for a simple but effective weight loss exercise routine. All of these efforts are going to factor into the success of any weight loss plan. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the building blocks of successful, permanent weight loss. Weight loss supplements like garcinia cambogia extract help the process to happen more quickly and more effectively.

Garcinia cambogia appears to work in two ways. First of all it’s an appetite suppressant. This has been confirmed, and Dr. Oz sited the studies on his show. When you eat foods that contain garcinia cambogia fruit, you fill up more quickly and feel satisfied with less food. Since over eating is a huge problem for people who are over weight, you can see how helpful an appetite suppressant is to the best weight loss diets.

But there are also some signs that Garcinia Cambogia Extract and fruit may also block fat from being stored. These types of natural fat blockers help the body to break down and use fat, instead of storing it in places you’d rather you didn’t have fat stored, like belly fat and love handles. So garcinia cambogia may help the body to lose belly fat by stopping to storage of additional fat.

Are There Side Effects to Worry About?

Unlike all prescription weight loss medications, supplements like Garcinia Cambogia do not tend to have serious side effects. However, it is possible to over-do it with garcinia cambogia supplements. More is not necessarily better. A common side effect for people who take too much? Diarrhea and incontinence. In fact, some doctors have prescribed it as a stool softener to patients who have problems with constipation. No matter how badly you want to be thin, you know that having problems with going to the bathroom is not going to make you look sexy. And if taken to the extreme, diarrhea is a great way to become dehydrated and get sick. In a few extreme cases, use of garcinia cambogia has lead to liver damage or liver failure.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid the side effects of Garcinia Cambogia – you just need to take the amount recommended by the producer or your doctor. It’s a good idea to confirm dosage amounts with your doctor, since only your doctor knows your medical history, and can consider your age, height, weight, and other personal factors into the decision of how much is a good amount. Dr. Oz recommended taking between 300mg and 1000mg per day, which is a pretty big range. It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about how much is a good amount for you.

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The Best Dr. Oz Fat Buster?

Is this the fat blocker we’ve all been waiting for? It’s hard to say right now. There have been some relatively small studies that have shown some benefit to taking garcinia cambogia, and there are plenty of testimonials from actual people who use garcinia cambogia extract as part of their weight loss plan. It’s a pretty exciting time and it may be part of the best weight loss diet for you. With a bit of research and the blessings of Dr. Oz as a fat buster and a way to lose belly fat, you may learn that the fruit of garcinia cambogia could change your life.

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